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Can't Find a Chuck Norris System tm School in your area? Want to learn on your schedule?
Now you can... anytime, anywhere!

Top Form Karate ONLINE now makes it possible to learn the Chuck Norris System (CNS) from anywhere you have internet access in the world, on your schedule.

This is NOT a video series you buy and then get a black belt in a couple weeks! This IS the first, and ONLY, online karate school teaching the art of through the same curriculum used at our physical location.

Complete curriculum from beginner white belt through 5th degree master rank black belt
Only UFAF MDS (Master Development Series) Certified instructors teach the material and grade tests guaranteeing the highest quality, most current and accurate style instruction.
Train at your pace... from your home, gym, office, back yard, anywhere you can access the internet!
Videos and content accessible from your computer, smart phone, tablet, and most gaming consoles.

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I've gone through the first level of your online training, and let me say it is excellent! The system is very easy to navigate through, and you are an excellent instructor. Very clear instruction by video, photos and written. You have certainly created a very effective tool." ~ George C. - Ontario, Canada

"Top Form Karate's Online School is built to an exceptional standard. I've seen many other online schools charging thousands, all for videos that went for two hours, but real effort has gone into this CNS curriculum. It set's itself apart from the others, because it offers text based instruction, video instruction and MP3 instruction, and it also has a class forum and support e-mail for any additional questions." ~ Lewis R. - Victoria, Australia
So you like the idea, but have doubts and even more questions.... Here are some answers!

Can I really learn karate online?

Absolutely. We're not trying to fool anyone, we know the BEST way to learn any physical skill is through quality repetitions with constant correction under the supervision of a qualified instructor in a controlled environment. That being said, there are many benefits to learning through our online school that are BETTER than at a physical school.

Here we can control the release of content and lessons, meaning you build your skills the way traditional karate was intended, through foundational layering. The site is interactive, not just a video. Techniques are time and achievement released and require logging of repetitions to progress forward. Once content is unlocked, you can reference it repeatedly. When is the last time you were able to "pause" or "rewind" your instructor in a real class or have him repeat the example when you need it the next day? And all the techniques have detailed written descriptions, still photos from different angles, video lessons of the technique, printable reference material, and audio files where applicable to give you the most comprehensive instruction and training tools.

Top Form Online Karate

What kind of techniques will I learn?

The core of the Chuck Norris System curriculum, similar to Tang Soo Do or Tae Kwon Do, is the art of striking and kicking. There will be stances, strikes, kicks, blocks, kata, attacking combinations and sparring, but CNS also incorporates practical application of kata and self defense, bo skills and tournament sparring. At higher ranks, and required for ranks of black belt, there is also a gun defense curriculum (designed by Mr. Joe Gemma, 8th black belt and retired lieutenant of the Las Vegas Metro Police), a knife defense curriculum (designed by Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan), and an MMA/Jiu Jitsu curriculum (designed by Mr. John Will and Mr. David Meyer, Machado Black Belts). One of the great benefits of having Chuck Norris as the Grand Master of your style is the incredible connections and training we have access to from the best in the world in their fields.

Top Form Online Karate

How do I test?

At each rank, testing consists of an online "written test" first, then at gold belt and higher, after passing the written portion, you will download an audio file of the test call, set up a digital video camera to record the test, and then submit it via YouTube, or standard mail. Your test will be graded by a certified black belt instructor and you will receive the results and feedback shortly after.

Tests can also be conducted in person at Top Form Karate, at an affiliate school, or in connection with a seminar or other event with a Top Form approved certified instructor.

Physical tests in person with an instructor will be required at intervals of higher ranks when preparing for black belt.

Top Form Online Chun Kuk Do

Do I get belt ranks and can I obtain a black belt?

Yes, you will go through the same testing that students at our physical school do, and if you pass, you will receive your next belt and certificate in the mail. The black belt testing process is conducted by a board of black belts under the United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF) with a black belt test being conducted in your local region or at a special test in conjunction with the UFAFInternational Training Conference held in Las Vegas, NV, USA every year in July. Black Belts in CNS receive a black belt certificate personally signed by Mr. Norris himself, something no other style can say.

Steve Brown with Chuck Norris


How long does it take to get to black belt?

The MINIMUM time in our style to test for 1st degree black belt is 3 years. The MINIMUM time from white belt to 5th degree master rank is 13 years. These are minimums... if all goes well, you are fit and healthy, committed to practicing regularly, and get all the techniques with no problem, you could test for 1st degree in 3 years. In reality though, most adults have jobs, family, unexpected events, illness or just plain old life that we have to give attention too, so realistically, most healthy adults reach 1st degree in about 4-5years. This is not a "buy a belt" program or quick certification, this is a real school requiring real commitment and a lot of hard work.

Partner Arm Lock Do I need special equipment, gear, or a partner?
To get started you will only need your computer and 6x6 foot (2x2 meter) area to practice. After a few months, you will need a partner for pad drills, self defense, sparring, etc., so it's a good idea to get a friend or family member to start with you. We also have an online forum in the member area to help people connect with other students that may be in your area so you can train together.

As for equipment, eventually you will need at least a heavy bag or pads for kicking and punching drills, sparring gear, and a digital video camera to record testing. Optional items are floor mats to cushion for falls and ground work, bag gloves, specialty focus pads, fitness training and resistance aids, or additional practice weapons.

Everything you need (and some things you may just want ;-) are available through the Top Form Online Pro Shop at member discounted prices.



Will I have to travel to events?

Yes. You will be required to attend at least one physical seminar/test per year to get that "in person" experience with Mr. Brown or one of our certified instructors. Seminar locations will be selected to try to make it as convenient and affordable as possible for our students to attend. If possible for remote areas of the US and North America, and other countries, we will try to develop a cell of students in that region to make it cost effective to send an instructor to your region.

There will be a seminar and/or test held every year in July in conjunction with the UFAF International Training Conference held in Las Vegas, NV, USA that can meet this requirement. This event can be a great experience for you as a student and provides a great destination for a family vacation at the same time.

And of course, you are ALWAYS welcome to travel to our studio, or our affiliated CNS schools throughout the US, to experience a class!

I already have a black belt in another style, do I have to start over at white belt?

At this time, our online site is designed for the progression of new students with little or no martial arts experience.

The United Fighting Arts Federation has a "Cross-over" program that accomodates black belt students of other similiar styles that wish to learn the Chuck Norris System allowing them to work with an approved CNS Instructor/School for a minimum of 2 years, then test for the rank of 1st degree in CNS.

This option is a priority to us and requires a different configuration of our site for content release and curriculum so it is not yet available for cross-overs. You can join our mailing list from the homepage and we will notify you when this option is available.

How does the Free Trial work? When do I get my uniform?

No gimmicks, just sign up and get full access to start the curriculum as a new student. There is no obligation to join after the one week trial and you do NOT have to enter your credit card until you decide to continue. All of the techniques unlocked, "reps" you log, and time toward testing is saved in your account.

Once you decide to continue your training, after passing the first test, your new rank, certificate and uniform (all included in the membership as part of our current new student promotion) will be shipped to you.

Have another question? Email us at team@TopFormKarate.com


John Presti of Presti Karate, Niagara Falls, NY endorsing Master Steve Brown and Top Form Karate John Presti of Presti Karate, Niagara Falls, NY endorsing Master Steve Brown and Top Form Karate
Billy Blanks, Founder of Tae Bo, with Steve Brown, words of encouragement Billy Blanks, Founder of Tae Bo, with Steve Brown, words of encouragement
Joe Gemma, Las Vegas, NV endorsing Master Steve Brown and Top Form Karate Joe Gemma, Las Vegas, NV endorsing Master Steve Brown and Top Form Karate
John Kurek, Houston, TX endorsing Master Steve Brown and Top Form Karate John Kurek, Houston, TX endorsing Master Steve Brown and Top Form Karate
Derrick Stinson, Houston, TX endorsing Steve Brown and Top Form Karate Derrick Stinson, Houston, TX endorsing Steve Brown and Top Form Karate
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